Why Your Site Needs HTTPS: Better Safe Than Sorry

This article will explain what HTTPS is and how it can help your website or online store.

Anyone who’s done some surfing recently – on the internet, not gnarly waves – will probably recognise those five letters. HTTPS can be found at the beginning of most URLs (the website’s address), and we say ‘most’ because not every site has met the requirements.

While you may see HTTPS every day, not everyone knows what it means. So, what does it actually mean? HTTPS is the ‘secure’ version of HTTP. This is the system that sends information between the internet browser and the website like login IDs, credit card details, home addresses, and all kinds of private stuff.

The ‘S’ after HTTP stands for ‘secure’. This means this sensitive data is encrypted, making it almost impossible for internet thieves to steal. This type of protection also called an SSL Security certificate.

As you can see, making the switch to HTTPS is important for security. If you’re running an ecommerce store, you want both your information, and, most importantly, your customer’s data kept safe.

Just think, if you owned a brick and mortar shop, you would want your customers to feel as safe as possible, right? HTTPS is the online equivalent of security guards, cameras, and highly protected credit card readers.

However, making your website HTTPS does more than keep numbers safe. Let’s take a look at the overall benefits which can really make a difference to your site…

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