How Much Website Hosting Costs?

There are lots of confusing terms out there for newcomers looking for their perfect website host.

With thousands of providers available and technical names used for different types of hosting and determining a fair price for the kind of website hosting you need can be tricky business.

The categories I’ll go through go over different types of website hosting, sorted by the average website hosting cost, and give you a few examples of the best host in each category. Here’s how much website hosting costs:

$0/month – Free Shared Hosting

Recommended for: Hosting for small personal sites, school projects or nonprofits

Awesome free web hosts include: 000webhost, Flaunt7, FreeHosting, and Viewen.

Yes! It’s true, there really are completely free hosts out there with zero website servers cost. In fact, there are three different types of free hosting plans:

  • Free website hosts managed by communities of developers who believe web hosting should be free. They find space on their servers to let you manage a small free website with heavily limited resources. MyFreeSQLHosting is an example;  a host that lets you manage a minuscule (5MB) database site.
  • Free hosting packages (like Wix‘s) from premium web hosts who offer a heavily limited free package to get you to try their service. Companies such as 000webhost follow a similar model – as its users can purchase premium plans, providing them with much more resources.
  • Free hosting plans for special, eligible organizations (I’m mostly talking about nonprofits)If you’re able to prove your charitable credentials, hosts like DreamHost offer completely free packages with fairly generous resources.


  •  It’s completely free! There is no website hosting cost and no forced upgrades
  •  You can cancel your plan anytime (in some instances you won’t even need a credit card to sign-up)


  •  Heavily restricted storage and bandwidth (quantity of visitors is limited)
  •  No unique domain (often you’ll just get a subdomain like
  •  Security certificates are not included (these are important for business sites)

Best Free Hosting Example: 000webhost

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