How Much Does A Basic Website Cost?

Are you paying too much for your basic website? Perhaps you’ve been given a quote by a web designer and are trying to work out whether it’s worth the investment.

The straightforward answer (though it’s annoying to hear) is that it’s almost impossible to estimate how much your website should cost. If you want an accurate quote, then it’s much better to chat to an actual web designer here. We really recommend doing this, as they’ll be able to give a cost based on your exact requirements.

With that being said, we’ll do our best to break down how much each element of a basic website should cost.

Domain name

A domain can cost anywhere from £2.99 – £100 per year. The more competitive the name, the more expensive it will be. Companies sometimes offer promotions, such as only pay 99p for your domain name for the first year.


Websites need to be hosted on a web server – this stores all the information needed so that other people can access your website online. Think of it like purchasing some space for your website to live online!

For a basic website, a shared hosting solution is probably your best bet. It tends to cost from between £3-£10 a month. This is a good option if your site is small, or new and won’t get too many visitors at first.

Design costs

For a Basic website, expect to pay between £200 – £500 for design and development costs. This will cover a simple, brochure style website, made uniquely for you, will all the info that your potential customers may need to know. Note that the more changes you make, the more your website may cost, if your designer charges by the hour.

Extras and add-ons

There are some optional extras you could add on in order to take your website up to the next level. If you need content writing, then you can find good freelancers online for around £10 per hour. If you need a little help with the actual look or your brand (e.g. if you need a logo) then paying someone to design it for you is a good idea! Once your website is up and running, it can also be a good idea to use a SEO manager to make sure you’re ranking high on google. All of these steps are optional and will mean investing a little more in your site, though the results should speak for themselves!

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